Start Your Career As an Accountant Scope in India

Accountants in India have to be prepared for a plethora of challenges that they will face on their way to success. Since the whole world is suffering with the recession and trying to recover from it, India’s condition is also facing a lot of strain. The economy has been growing for thirty years straight but recently the growth has picked up only recently. Many economists are predicting that the recession will last about two years and then another recession will hit after the next election. This means that things are going to be very difficult for the next accountant scope in India.

The first thing that you will need to do as an accountant in India is to have certification by the IFA (International Financial Services Association). This is a globally recognized organization which sets standards for accountants all over the world. Getting certification by such a body means that your work is competent enough and can be trusted upon by any big bank or financial institution. There are many Indian organizations that offer training to accountants but there are no institutions that offer such training. Hence the first thing that you will have to do is find one or two good schools in India that offer IFA training. After this you will need to get enrolled into such a school so that you can get proper training.

Now since the accountant field in India is a comparatively new field, there are not a lot of schools offering training in it. This is why you will have to find another way for getting education for this profession. You can join Indian accounting academies that will train accountants by providing them with all the education that they need. Once you become an accountant in India, you can find jobs in the industry in various places including big cities like Delhi and Mumbai. These jobs are well paying and that is why so many people have turned to this field.

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