Finance Planning and Analysis Degrees

A finance planning and analysis manager, also known as finance planner, is in charge of leading a professional finance department in managing financial activities including financial forecasting, strategic management, budgeting, planning, and long term strategy. The finance planning and analysis manager will make recommendations to the finance department about investing, lending, and other financial activities. A manager in finance planning and analysis must be well experienced in financial activities and a graduate degree in finance is preferred. Finance planning and analysis require the ability to make financial projections, as well as analytical and decision making skills.

There are many benefits of seeking employment with a finance planning and analysis firm. A job in finance planning and analysis will be in constant demand, as the number of businesses and organizations looking to utilize finance planning and analysis is increasing. It is the responsibility of a finance manager to provide sound financial advice to company management and decision makers. An excellent finance manager will also have excellent interpersonal skills to help with problem solving and allocating resources.

A finance planning and analysis position will require an understanding of financial statistics. An excellent manager will have developed strong analytical skills, as well as understand the importance of budgeting for a company. The analytical skills required in this position require the ability to analyze a variety of financial data in order to provide relevant, up to date information that can be used to make sound financial decisions. This position requires excellent computer skills, as well as good written and verbal communication skills. Some of the typical reports that a finance manager will need to prepare and provide include the following: income and expense estimates, cash flow analysis, forecast of earnings for the next twelve to eighteen months, and financial statement analysis.

A finance planning and analysis expert will also be required to perform or oversee a number of related functions, including loan analysis, operating expenses analysis, business valuation, debtor’s capital financing, and business plan analysis. In addition to these core functions, a manager will need to have the ability to develop and implement new strategic plans based upon the requirements of the company as well as review and implement current strategic plans. Managers may also be required to perform limited outside consulting functions in areas not related to their core areas of responsibility. Finance planning and analysis experts are also typically responsible for analyzing and providing recommendations to management on a regular basis.

It is important that a manager have good negotiation and leadership skills. Many finance planning and analysis jobs require a lot of coordination between various aspects of the organization in order to be effective. A good finance planning and analysis professional should be able to make the case for change for their team members on a personal level. A good manager will be skilled at building teamwork, resolving conflicts, leading in times of change, and maintaining good relationships with staff. These skills are important in any organization and are the cornerstones of success in a finance planning and analysis career.

Finance planning and analysis degrees can be obtained by students enrolled in bachelor’s or master’s degree programs. Many employers prefer individuals who have at least a bachelor’s degree in finance as it shows potential employers that you have the business acumen and management skills necessary for a successful position. Online degrees are available for those who prefer to pursue a higher level of education, but most employers still require students to obtain a degree in business to qualify for a successful finance planning and analysis career.1

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